System Requirements

DEWAWI requires a PHP interpreter with a web server that is configured to correctly execute PHP scripts. A web server can be installed platform-independently on many different operating systems. We recommend installing the system on an open source Linux / Unix platform.


For the system to work quickly and smoothly, it is important that your server has the necessary resources. Basically, it is advisable to set up your own server for DEWAWI and not to run any other websites or the like on it. The requirements essentially scale with the number of workstations that access the system. In the following you will find experience that has been compiled based on experience;

With up to 10 workplaces

  • CPU cores: 2 x 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • 30 GB free space with SSD hard drive

With up to 30 jobs

  • CPU cores: 4 x 3.2 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • 100 GB free space with SSD hard drive


The two best known representatives Apache and Nginx are mainly available as web servers. Nginx and Apache are both open source web servers and can be used perfectly on Linux / Unix operating systems. Other solutions are available on the market as required. If you are unsure of which software to install, Apache would be the right choice for you. A big plus for Apache is the widespread use and that it is a very flexible and proven solution. Most of our customers’ installations are on Apache servers in version 2.4 and higher.

Configuration Recommendation

  • mod_rewrite – Required to rewrite the URLs so that they are easier to read.
  • To allow the directives in the .htaccess file, the “AllowOverride All” must be activated in the vHost configuration.
  • HTTPS – Secure protocol for encrypted transmission of data between visitors and web server (compulsory according to GDPR).
  • HTTP / 2 – Current protocol for the fast transfer of data to between the visitor and web server.
  • SSH access – Enables the encrypted connection to the command line of the web server.
  • SFTP access – Secure FTP protocol is used for the secure transfer of files.

PHP Version and Extensions

We recommend the latest version of PHP for critical security and performance improvements, and currently support PHP 5.3 or higher.

Below is a list of the extensions that are typically required. You should check whether the extensions are available in your PHP environment;

  • curl – Performs remote request operations.
  • gd – GD graphics library is used for image processing.
  • mysqli – Connects to MySQL for database interactions.
  • pdo – The PHP Data Objects Extension (PDO) provides an easy, consistent interface to access databases with PHP.
  • pdo_mysql – Interface for PDO-MySQL connection.
  • openssl – Allows SSL-based connections to other hosts.

Configuration Recommendation

  • max_input_vars: 5000
  • max_execution_time: 300
  • memory_limit: 256M
  • post_max_size: 64M
  • upload_max_filesize: 64M


DEWAWI stores the data, configuration and other information in a database. As a database server, you have two options, MySQL and MariaDB. Both options are free open source database management systems, whereby MariaDB was created through a fork from MySQL. If you are unsure of which software to install, MySQL would be the right choice for you. MySQL from version 4.1 and MariaDB 10.0 or higher are supported.

On the user side

Current browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. We mostly limit our tests to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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